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Lyne Football Club 2021/22 Membership

The membership fee with Lyne Football Club for the 2021/22 football season is set at £80.00 per annum and relates to the period of 1st May 2021 through to 30th April 2022.  

Payment is due in April/May/June 2021 and must be paid in full, via credit card payment unless agreed with the registration secretary. 

Full Membership

Membership is set at £80 with the following monthly payments.

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April: £24

Development/PAYG Players 

Membership is set at £10.

Any games and training sessions are charged at £4 per “event” during the season.

Whole Season Payment Upfront

For those that wish to pay for the whole season upfront: £270 you now can. 

Summer Training Season: (outside of the above Playing Season dates) a charge of £3.00 per “event” for registered players, £5 for non registered (e.g. training / friendly) but only charged on participation for those registered. Any tournaments entered will be split between the participants based on the entry fee.

Ladies Membership 

Playing Membership is set at £40. per annum with additional fees charged as follows: £3.00 per training session, £25 for Match's - Home and Away

Recreational Membership is set at £10 with £3.00 per training session.  

At Lyne FC we understand the challenges the pandemic has caused. If any parent is struggling financially at any point  whether its prior to registering or during the season, please in first instance contact your team’s manager.  

If the playing season is delayed or extended Lyne FC will advise of any changes to the monthly fees as above.

Monthly payments during the season are to be handed to your teams money person and are due at the beginning of the month.  

Once the initial registration is completed, the players manager will advise on further ID required to finalise registration with the league eg Digital Passport Style picture.

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