Kennington Athletic Tournament 2020


Age Group Entries are based on the age group you will be playing in next season. i.e. 2020/21.

Therefore if you are currently playing U7s in the current 2019/20 season then please enter the U8s Age Group.

U8s and U9s is a Fair Play Trophy and its 5 v 5 with a maximum squad size of 8

U10s and U11s is a Group stage followed by Knockout and its 6 v 6 with a maximum squad size of 9.

Saturday 11th July - U9s and U11s - 9am to 3pm

Sunday 12th July - U8s and U10s - 9am to 3pm

We do not allow Academies to register.


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A receipt will be automatically emailed to the email address above on completion of your booking. Please allow 30 minutes to receive your receipt.

Refunds and withdrawn entries must be sent to with the details and the request. 

There will be no refunds available after the closing date of the 5th June.

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