Unicorn School Karate Club

Dear Students,

My name is Sensei Chris Brown and I've been teaching karate for many years.

Classical karate is at first a means of combat, a means of which the exponent defends themselves or their family.  However a process of repetitive training also cultivates a morally correct state of mind.  The true understanding of karate-do may only be understood after one engages in sufficiently rigorous training.

Our name, Seiki Juku, Means "True Spirit"

Students who join the club will need a UKSKO licence if you wish to grade through the belt system.  (www.karatebychris.co.uk).  Suits and Belts are available from me at the club.

Contact Info : 

Mobile: 07734 103 226

Email: karatebychris@gmail.com

Website: www.karatebychris.co.uk

Please note that the club will only be open if the school is. 

No class in the half term 

Price - £80 

 Once you are signed up there is a no refund policy, dates may change without notice.

All students must be registered to attend classes.


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There is a no refund policy once you’ve registered.

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